From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National.

From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union.

From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National.


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  •    26 JAN , 2019
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KNU Conducts NCA Definitions Workshop

The Karen National Union (KNU) held a workshop to discuss the definitions and terms of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA). The purpose of the workshop was ensuring all Karen National Union leaders understood the definitions of the NCA. The workshop took place in Hpa-an district, Lay Wah from the 12 – 26 January 2019.

The KNU Chairperson, Central Standing Committee (CSC), representatives from the 7 districts, KNLA Generals and Brigadiers participated in the workshop.

After signing the NCA on the 15 October 2015, both sides (Ethnic Armed Organisations and the Union Government) agreed to the establishment of the UPDJC (Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee) and JMC (Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Committee) in order to implement the NCA. However, those who are participating in the implementation or stakeholders who are involved in the implementation mechanisms have done so according to their understanding of the articles of the NCA. As a result, the peace process was likely to stop. Therefore, it is very important that every stakeholder has a common understanding and mutually acceptable definition on each article of the NCA. "If we are defining the national dialogue and working on ceasefire based on our common mutual and acceptable definition, it will be much easier and faster for us to have peace and build our federal democracy country as we desire. That is why we are holding this workshop" said P'doh Saw Hla Tun (Joint Secretary of Karen Nation Union).

During the course of the workshop, the Karen National Union leaders divided into groups to review and analyse every chapter of the NCA and all its definition. They also agreed to share the outcomes of the workshop with other NCA-s EAOs and every stakeholder to build acceptable and common understanding.

Karen National Union leaders also discussed federal principles during the workshop.

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