From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National.

From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union.

From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National.


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  •    23 APR , 2015
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KNU Meets Karen Community Based Organisations

In 23 April 2015, KNU Headquarters, Lay Wah. Senior leaders from the Karen National Union including members from the Central Executive Committee and Central Standing Committee meet with Karen community based organisations (CBO’s) on the 23 April 2015 from 9am until 5pm. The purpose of the meeting was to explain to the Karen community leaders the peace process, political situations and the final draft of the nationwide ceasefire agreement.

KNU Chair and Vice Chairpersons, and the Vice Chief of Staff welcomed the community leaders. The KNU general secretary gave them an update on the current political situations and the peace process. The Karen community based organisations leaders explained their activities and shared their concerns on the current situations. The CBO’s had an opportunity to ask questions to the KNU leaders about the peace process.

P’doh Saw Kwe Htoo Win said in his speech, “We need every Karen to participate in our political struggle. In order for the community to participate, first they need to know, understand, accept and support our current struggle”.

KNU Chairman General Mutu Sae Poe in his closing speech said, "The KNU is trying very hard to maintain the current bilateral preliminary ceasefire, and to achieve the nationwide ceasefire agreement. In my capacity, I have met with the President and Commander-in-Chief several times explain to them our (Karen) stand and our search for durable peace".

More than 15 Karen community based organisations, and around one hundred people participated at todays meeting between the KNU and community leaders. KNU leaders plan to continue meeting and updating them in the future on the peace process.