From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National.

From the Karen National Political Dialogue to establish a Federal Democratic Union.

From the Karen National Political Dialogue to ward the Political Will of the Karen National.


KNU - Karen National Union


Our Vision

To establish a genuine Federal Union based on equality and self-determination. 

Our Mission

To lead political change for all the Karen people living in Burma by establishing a genuine Federal Union in cooperation with all the Karen and all the ethnic people in the country for harmony, peace, stability and prosperity for all.

Our Objectives

·      To gain rights of equality and self-determination for the Karen people;

·      To establish a Karen State with a just and fair territory and self-determination;

·      To establish a Federal Union based on democracy and self-determination;

·      To gain basic rights, democracy and equality for the Karen people and all ethnic nationalities of Burma.

The current Executive Committee members elected at the 16th Congress are:

1.   General Saw Mutu Sae Poe – Chairman

2.   P'doh Saw Kwe Htoo Win - Vice-Chairman

3.   P'doh Saw Tah Doh Moo - General Secretary

4.   P'doh Saw Hser Pweh - Joint General Secretary (1)

5.   P'doh Saw Hla Tun - Joint General Secretary (2)

6.   Major Saw Roger Khin - Member

7.   P'doh Saw Thamain Tun - Member

8.   P'doh Mahn Nyein Maung - Member

9.   P'doh Naw Dar Dar - Member

10.    General Saw Johnny  - Member

11.    Major General Saw Isaac Poe - Member

16th Congress of Karen National Union democratically elected Head of Departments as follow:

1.   P'doh Mahn Ba Tun - Department of Forestry 

2.   ColonelSaw Kawkasar Nay Soe - Department of Transportation & Communication

3.   P'doh Saw Ehklu Shwe Oo - Department of Health & Welfare

4.   P'doh Saw Hla Tun - Department of Organising & Information

5.   P'doh Saw Naythablay - Department of Agriculture

6.   P'doh Saw Lar Say - Department of Education and Culture

7.   P'doh Saw Mya Maung - Department of Livestock & Fishery

8.   Lieutenant Colone Saw Roger Khin - Department of Defense

9.   P'doh Saw Keller Moo - Department of Mining 

10. P'doh Saw Ehklu Say - Department of Judiciary 

11. P'doh Mahn Nyein Maung - Department of Alliance Affairs 

12. P'doh Saw Taw Nee - Department of Foreign Affairs 

13. P'doh Saw Thaw Thi Bwe - Department of Tax & Revenue 

14. P'doh Saw Ah Toe - Department of Interior & Religion