Peace Process Review Workshop

  1. The KNU’s Central Standing Committee and leaders involved in peace process altogether (88) participants held a Peace Process Review workshop from 12- 23 June at Lay Wah.
  2. This workshop reviewed the ceasefire agreements between the Karen National Union and the Union government signed in 2012 at the State and Union level, the Deed of Commitment for Peace, National Reconciliation and the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) signed respectively in 2015.
  3. This workshop also reviewed the whole peace process and terms of reference for the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement Joint Implementation Coordination Meeting (JICM), Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC), UPDJC’s Secretariats, UPDJC’s Working Committee, Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC), Joint Coordination Body (JCB), Political Dialogue Steering Committee at the National Level, political dialogues held at National and Regional levels, and dialogue issues at the Union Peace Conference (UPC).
  4. This workshop analysed and found that the supporting mechanisms for implementing the NCA, and basic principles related to implementing the NCA are not in accordance with the basic principles and commitment originally agreed upon, and therefore, side-tracked from the basic principles of freedom, equality, and justice at every level.
  5. This flaw became greater due to the fact that the political dialogue meetings were held without gaining agreement at its final stage on the framework for political dialogue.
  6. Therefore, based on the principles of transparency, the KNU would like to reference some findings and suggestions to internal and external organizations, international organizations that signed as witnesses to NCA, and the general public as follows:
  • To re-analyse and review the formation of the Union Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) representation, decision-making, and basic principles of holding meetings.
  • To jointly appoint the Secretariats of UPDJC with free-lanced-experts, and in this way, avoid bias.
  • To continue to broadly implement political dialogue, as agreed upon, at national and regional levels nationwide.
  • To re-analyse and amend all terms of reference for the main mechanisms of the peace process such as the JICM, UPDJC, UPDJC’s Secretariats, UPDJC’s Work Committee and the political dialogue steering committee at national and regional levels.
  • To re-negotiate arena for extensive political dialogue respectively at UPDJC’s Working Group and at the UPC.
  • To re-negotiate on time enough for political dialogue, political environment to negotiate on different viewpoints, equal status among counterparts and supporting mechanism and so on.
  1. In order to successfully implement the NCA, it was found that common ground is needed in order to implement it.
  2. The process for successfully implementing the NCA is directly related to peace and national reconciliation, and therefore, in order to achieve a genuine peace process in implementing it, the KNU, as a signatory to the NCA, will try to negotiate and find solutions with all stakeholders.


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The Karen National Union



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