KNU Chairman Address on Karen New Year

Karen National Union
Supreme Headquarters

Karen National Union President Gen. Mutu Say Poe’s Address on
Karen New Year Day of 2755 (K.E.)

Dear All Karen Nationals,

Today, the first day of Thalay month, is the Karen New Year Day of the year 2755. First, on this New Year Day, I would like to extend my wishes to our nation and all the people of the country for the New Year to bring peace, unity, affluence, blessings and happiness.

Dear All Karen Nationals,
We are a people having all the characteristics of a nation in accordance with recognized standards.  We have our own national history, language, literature, proverbs, cultural practices, way of life, economic organism and so, we are a substantive nation. As our history has it, we are the earliest people, who had come to settle in the country we are living in, and also in Thailand. Nowadays, due to various circumstances of the country, the Karen people have to migrate and live in many countries of the world.

Dear All Karen Nationals,
The Karen national New Year Day is one of the many eminent days, designated by our forebears and national leaders. Our forebears, making a living from slash-and-burn agriculture, had studied astronomy and designated the months for agricultural activities. In our Karen calendar, the month known as Thalay, or Thalay- htaing-kok-pho month is our new year and new month. The month carries the meaning that it is time to look for a new plot, to keep the eyes open and the ears primed. In other words, during the new day and month, we have to march into the future with new vigor, keeping our eyes open and ears clued-up.

Dear All Karen Nationals,
Each and every Karen has to respect, appreciate and promote our national characteristics, for lasting development and existence of our Karen people, having all the characteristics of a nation. Nowadays, the Karen nationals living in our own country, in Thailand and as settlers in countries of the world are celebrating the Karen New Year Day, and we are much delighted and endlessly proud of for the Karen nation. At the same time, in celebrating the Karen New Year, it is necessary to be done with true patriotism and transmit, as a heritage, to the new generation of youths the spirit to always respect, maintain and promote our own national characteristics, customs and traditions, because the continued development and existence of a nation depend on the love and respect of one’s own national characteristics and the maintenance of them in everyday life, by each and every member of the nation.

In the past years, there was no freedom to celebrate our Karen New Year and other special days on a reasonable scale. However, when we have an opportune time like this to celebrate our nation’s New Year Day together in unanimity, it is necessary to join hands and take the opportunities to launch together our national unity and destiny.

Dear All Karen Nationals,
The Karen National Union (KNU) was founded by the Karen people and the KNU’s political aims and stand are for the entire Karen people. For a viable existence, our entire Karen people’s aims and main aspirations are to have freedom, equality and the right to decide our own destiny, as a nationality, through the establishment of a federal union. It is the same as having full guarantee for each and every nationality and each and every person in the country.

Dear All Karen Nationals,
At present, our KNU has signed a ceasefire agreement with the government and works together with the other Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) for the resolution of political problems by peaceful political means, through dialogue and negotiation. Resolution through dialogue and negotiation is a political process, which has been the demand of the KNU, together with the EAOs, for many years in the past. The initial objective of the Karen people and the KNU had not been armed resistance. In addition to various kinds of oppression, and only because of the attempt and violent suppression of the KNU’s political movement that the Karen people and the KNU had to undertake more than 60 years of armed resistance in defense of our nationality, and in order to fulfil the political objectives and aspirations of our Karen people.

Dear All Karen Nationals,
In the current political situation of Burma, opportunity has arisen for our people to unify and speak in support for our national rights, viable existence and development. Whether the opportunity is meager or much, it is necessary for us to work in unity, until our national rights are respected and recognized, and provided for in the Constitution. It is necessary to have full guarantee in the Constitution. Our national aspirations and the rights of the citizens have to be supported in political forums. We have to join hands and strive together for the emergence of national equality and a great federal union. At the same time, it necessary to join hands and work together with every nationality and organization that have been working insistently for the rights of every nationality and person.

Dear All Karen Nationals,
In closing, I would like to inspire, urge and extend the good wishes for our Karen nationals and all the citizens to strive on with strong determination for the establishment unity of our own nationals and all the citizens, and work in unity, with one mind, until all desires of the country and objectives are fully achieved, and may our nationals and all the people be free from all bad things, difficulties and worries, and enjoy peace, unity, prosperity, contentment and happiness!

First waxing moon of Pyatho month, 2755 Karen Era
Tenth January 2016, Christian Era

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