Justice Department

Head – P’doh Saw Eh K’Lu Saysaw eh k'lu say

The aim of the Justice Department is to ensure equality; justice and rule of law in KNU controlled areas. Our objectives are prevent crime and breaking of the law by providing legal education; to provide a channel for victims to lodge complaints about crimes committed against them; to safeguard the rights, freedom and prevent poverty; to safeguard and ensure peace, security and stability in the communities; ensure equality in Karen communities and safeguard all people to receive legal assistance; and to safeguard all people regardless of gender, religion and class who are able to have equal rights in the legal framework.

The mission of the Justice Department is:

Collect and preserve Kawthoolei law including customary laws.
Review and amend of Kawthoolei existing laws, which are not insufficient or out of date.
Publish and distribute laws including related legal books to the districts, townships, village tracks and villagers.
Provide support, cooperation and advise on legal issues and judicial laws.
Provide education on legal issues to the different KNU departments and the people to ensure the rule of law in the Karen community.
To work together with local departments regarding legal and constitutional issues including drafting Kawthoolei State constitution and with other ethnic organisations concerning federal constitution.