Interior & Religious Department

Head – P’doh Saw Ah Toe  saw ah toe

The department for Interior & Religious Affairs works for 3 main issues – General Administrations, Karen National Police Force Administration and Promoting & Developing of Religious Affairs.

1.General Administration

Household registration; Social Affairs; Land Affairs.

2.Karen National Police Force Administration

The prevention of crimes and other violations of the law; the disclosure and investigation of crimes; the protection of civil rights, freedom and poverty; the protection of peace, public security and public order.

3.Promoting and Developing of Religious Affairs

People in Kaw Thoo Lei state have freedom of religious beliefs. Every citizen irrespective of sex, religion and class shall be equal under the law. Based on the principle, every religion may pursue development on an equal basis and there is not national religion. Religious organisations may invest money donated by believers and may operate charitable, public interest oriented and social education education enterprises to help society.