Nationwide Ceasefire Coordinating Team (NCCT)

Press Statement from Ethnic Armed Organizations Summit

The Top Leaders Summit of the Ethnic Armed Organizations Press Statement September 30, 2015 Chiang Mai, Thailand 1. The Top Leaders meeting of the Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from September 28 to 30, 2015. There were 71 representatives from 19 EAOs and 6 observers from the Women’s League of […]

Ethnic Armed Organizations Summit Statement

Ethnic Armed Organizations’ Summit Statement August 24, 2015 The Summit of the Ethnic Armed Organizations’ (EAOs) top leaders was held successfully in Chiang Mai, Thailand on August 21-24 and was attended by fifteen of the seventeen EAOs’ representatives. In this Summit meeting, the EAOs Senior Delegation (SD) reported the results of the 9th Meeting between […]

Statement of NCCT Members Summit Meeting

Statement of NCCT Members Summit & EAO’s Meeting From July 24 to 29, 2014, the meeting of senior leaders of the Nationwide Ceasefire Coordinating Team (NCCT) members and from July 30 to 31, the meeting of top leaders of the ethnic armed revolutionary resistance organizations were successfully held in Laiza Town. One hundred and fifty five senior […]

Statement of Ethnic Armed Resistance Organizations Law Khee Lar, Kawthoolei

Conference of Ethnic Armed Resistance Organizations Law Khee Lar, Kawthoolei January 20 – 25, 2014 Statement 1. Conference of the ethnic armed resistance organizations (or Law Khee Lar Conference) was successfully held from January 20 to 25, for six days, at Law Khee Lar Camp, (AKA) Lay Wah, which is in the area under the […]